Alexa Golden Happy Ending Massage

Alexa Golden is in for her weekly massage. When she Realizes she has a new masseuse. Russell Grand starts his massage the way any masseuse would but then slowly get’s aroused at the thought of his client. 

He surprisingly slips a finger down to touch her pussy and apologizes quickly as if he had no idea.

He continues his massage by making her flip over so he can massage her breast. 

She finds this odds but goes with it anyway. Russell continues to massage her breasts and body sensually then slide his hands down in between her legs quickly as if it were part of the massage. 

He convinces his client Alexa to let him take his own clothes off to ”cool down” and quickly gets a huge erection.

Alexa is actually turned on by this and grabs his cock and shoves it in her mouth.

 She pleasures russell for awhile until she feels like she is being mistreated and wants some action herself.

She bends over to take russells cock until she has a huge orgasm.



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